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On Land

Our storage rate for the 2020-2021 storage season is only:

$62/ft LOA for vessels under 25' and $64/ft LOA for vessels 25' and above

For Sailboats                      Mast-up, add $4/boat-foot (Includes extra steel support jacks)

                                        Mast-down, $16/mast-foot (Includes un-step, un-rig, store and re-step)

For a Rate Schedule or Contract, please call our office at 1-203-853-1174 or email us at:


Since 1977, United Marine has been offering dry land storage to Fairfield County boat owners, both power and sail. A few highlights are:

  • We will haul, pressure-wash, store and re-launch your boat for one flat rate

  • We exclusively use adjustable steel jacks for uniform hull support

  • We offer full winterizing services for all your boat systems

  • Our storage/service yard is fully fenced for total boat security

  • Water and electric are provided for our customers dockside as well as throughout our yard

  • For sailboats, we can un-step, store and re-step your mast or you can leave it up, though we have a limited number of spaces for mast-up storage.